Online 2 players

Lineage 2 Heroes

Hello dominators, this server is an amateur try that combines features from three of our favorite servers(L2GOLD,L2SPIRIT & L2RAVIEL)

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Server Features

gift for every unique pvp kill
champion monsters x8 drop+donate coins
every day event(donate coins)
auto loot
auto learn skills
no weight limit
no delevel
no magic failures
mobs no aggro in peace zones
free teleport
free class master
3 free subclasses(no quest)
no clan penalty
2 clans per ally
no soulshot consumption
archers & daggers use light armor only
tanks use heavy armor only
shift+click show mob's drop
players can't heal RBs
RBs npc
weapon max +16
armor max +16
jewel max +16
simple scroll - 70%
blessed scroll - 80%
crystal scroll - 100%
top life crystal 100% skill chance
augment active skills stack
welcome data message
noblesse coin
hero coin (1 day)
players start lvl 80
most scrolls stack
pk protector at peace zone
no need mana pots
scroll of escape 30 secs
no death penalty
max p.att speed 2500
max m.att speed 2999
run speed boost
max run speed 550
players don't lose buffs on die
pvp color system(name):
5pvps - light green
10pvps - light yellow
15pvps - light purple
25pvps - dark green
50pvps - black
pk color system(title):
5pks - light pink
10pks - pink
15pks - red
25pks - dark red
50pks - black
siege lenght 1 hour
free s grade equipment
raid bosses respawn every hour

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